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Real Estate, Orlando, FL

February, 2016

By Dan Peele, ASA, Cert Gen RZ 887, CFAC President 
Broker-Associate with Charles Rutenberg Realty of Orlando

After appraising real estate in central Florida (Orlando) for over 30 years, I have learned a few things and want to share some of this knowledge.  This article was written as a guide for those who are relocating to Florida..

Buying a New Home

It pays to pay, meaning that you are best served by paying a Realtor a fee-for-advise as a consultant. Most people don't do this. 

Since Realtors work on a commission, many believe that paying them as consultants is unwarranted since, after all, they work for "free" until you buy something.

Keep this in mind, Realtors know where the best places to live and work are. Your job is to get educated first.  Pay several different agents to show you on a map, the best places to live and explain to you why they are the best.  

Next, find the must suitable properties within those locations.  The location is the most important element!.  A new home in a close-in location is ideal but often difficult to find since close-in locations are typically built-out. 


Buy an older home and hire a contractor to renovate it with new electrical, plumbing, etc. This "new" home in it's close-in location will reduce your drive-time to work and likely be much easier to re-sell.

Renting for a year could be a wise choice since it would allow you to take-your-time in making a well thought-out decision.


Dan Peele

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